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How to go to ShengFang Furniture Town

ShengFang International Furniture Exhibition Hall gathers thousands factories in a single display huge hall. The total area is 550,000 square meters and is still extending its size. How can we go to ShengFang Furniture town with ease?

International visitors can land in Tianjina airport and then commute subway to Tianjin Xi railway station, then take the express train to Shengfang Railway station. After arriving in ShengFang Railway station, you can take a cab to there it is just 7kms from the railway station.

Foreign customers can also land in the newly built Beijing Daxing international airport. It started its service since October 2019.In 2022,there will be express train to Shengfang railway station too, it is just 20 minutes' tour to Shengfang railway station. Before that, you have to take a taxi from Beijing Daxing airport to get there, the distance is about 70KMS.

If you need any help when you arrive here, you are welcome to contact us and we will arrange your tour. We wish you all a good journey in ShengFang China.