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Lang Fang far-fly Impt&Expt is located in the Sheng Fang furniture town. A beautiful place with profound history and extensive culture,  is 50KM west to Tian Jin port,100KM  south to  Beijing,and 55KMS east to the newly found and the famous new star city XiongAn new area.The furniture production can be traced back to Qing dynasty(1616—1912).Since after, it has been changing and evolving with every passing day. With more than 5 thousands government qualified factories are located here.

It once was tagged with cheap price and quality furniture town. The government regulation and examination body establishment including TÜV, local and examination laboratories,have changed the situation dramatically.

Our business started in Feb 2018. Our goal is to promote the productivily of the local factories because most of them do not have export department and are still off the internet until now.

We believe innovation is the key to success. New products and designs are coming out here every several days, thus we are consistently developing new online softwares, web apps, and offering professional trade services to help with their business. The online showroom is a webpage with easy browsing and search with new designs updating everyday.

We will abondon this website once all features have migrated to our new website

We can export  furniture meet the below high standards:


EN 1335-1:2001/AC:2002

EN 1335-2:2009

EN 1335-3:2009/AC:2009

ISO 21015:2007

ISO 24496:2017

CE standards

Or you can also find really amaing stock clearence furniture or new designs of products with amazing price.